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Young Researchers in Life Sciences: 2017 Edition

16/02/2017 15:43 Il y a: 1 an(s)
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« Young Researchers in Life Science » conference is back for the 8th edition. This year, YRLS will take place at Imagine Institut (Paris) on 15 to 17 of May 2017.

This meeting brings together over 250 participants coming from more than ten countries. This is a real opportunity for young researchers (Masters, PhD students, PostDocs) to present their work using posters or oral communications during an international and interdisciplinary event with people that work in the same field of expertise. During three days, the congress allows participants to widen their scientifique network and to discover new carrier paths.

As every year, many students associations are associated to the YRLS : ACTIF, ADELIH, ADIC, ADIT, AMPS, Les Cartésiens, SPIBens, StaPa et YR2I.

During this new edition, 8 sessions will allow the participants to present posters or oral communications in various topics : 

Genetics & Epigenetics

Cancer biology

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Microbiology & Host-Pathogen Interaction

Immunology & Infectious Diseases

Computative Biology & Interfaces

Ecology, Evolution & Development

Neurosciences & Physiology

Keynote speakers have already confirmed their participation, such as Professor Ludovic Orlando (Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen) and Doctor Sylvia Santos (MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, Imperial College London). These speakers will give a one hour oral communication during YRLS. 

As previous editions, various activities will be organized to promote interaction between participants such as a cheese & wine ice-breaker and a guided tour in a famous neighborhood in Paris.

Registrations are now open. Deadline for simple registration (no abstract submission) is set on April 14thDeadline for abstract submission is March 8th.

You can find all the information one the website: http://yrls.fr


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04/05/18 15:18

Post-doc Idex 2018 Strasbourg

Dans le cadre d'un projet IDEX 2018, le laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives et Adaptatives recrute un post-doctorant. Ce projet concerne la validation d'une nouvelle cible mélatoninergique notamment dans le modèle Alzheimer 2nde génération des souris APP KIxTau KI.

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25/04/18 08:51

Offre de thèse (hors EDBSL)

Circadian system of diurnal/nocturnal rodents: role of arousal systems

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16/04/18 10:32

Libertés et responsabilités dans la recherche académique (COMETS)

Rapport du Comité d’éthique du CNRS

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06/04/18 08:53

Appel à projets SIGN’IT « Signatures en immunothérapie »

En 2018, la Fondation ARC lance l’appel à projets SIGN’IT « Signatures en immunothérapie » qui sera reconduit en 2019 et 2020, afin de soutenir des projets originaux et ambitieux dans le domaine de l’immunothérapie visant à l’identification de signatures qui permettront de guider la...

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