Friday 29 May 2020
Ecole Doctorale BIOLOGIE SANTE (ED n°446)
Faculté de Médecine Pôle Recherche
1 place de verdun
59045 Lille cedex - France
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International selection for foreign PhD candidate

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Other funding

Alternative sources of funding are fellowships of scientific societies or charitable organizations.

Foreign doctoral students can obtain funding from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or the French Embassy).

Research Grants 2020 (Doctoral positions)

The applicants for a grant are allowed to register provided they obtained a Master’s degree oriented on research (or equivalent) with a ranking situated in the upper two-thirds of the graduating class.

Before returning your file, it is imperative to contact the person in charge of the proposed subject.


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Dedicated funding

    Registration cannot be authorized when there is no dedicated funding, unless there is funding from the doctorate student’s employer, for full-time or part-time doctorate programs.

The two main funding sources are:

     - Doctoral contract from the Universities, which are worth 1758 € per month (gross salary) for three years. 

    - Doctoral contract cofunded by the Regional Council, on average 16 fellowships also worth 1758 € per month for three years, usually funded in association with academic or industrial partners and focused on specific research topics.

    For both types of allocations :

  • The Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtrelist of research proposals open for these allocations is published by the end of winter trimester.
  • Admission is competitive and is achieved through a selection procedure by the scientific jury of the Doctoral School usually on the first half of July. Candidates are ranked based on the quality of their research project (written presentation, 6 pages, and oral presentation, 10 minutes), its feasibility within the official three years duration of the doctoral work, and the quality of their answers to questions posed by the jury. The result is given following deliberation by the examiners.


    Doctoral students benefiting from any one of these three-year full-time fellowships are eligible for an instructorship (with salary complement). This corresponds to 2 to 3 hours per week of teaching duty over the academic year, and provides valuable professional training for those interested in pursuing an academic career.

    For those interested in non-academic careers, a similar salary complement can be obtained for giving counseling advice (32 working days per year) to private companies, administrations, or territorial organizations (“moniteur/doctorant-conseil”), preferably during the second year of the doctoral program.


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